M1 Endurance

Uninstalling the M1 Endurance Car Content on rFactor2

Hello, welcome to this guide on how to remove the M1 endurance content v1.0 from rFactor2. This is important as there is a plan to revert back to the original S397 content on the M1 Endurance server. This will mean that certain cars may not appear so it is important that you follow this guide. If you do have any problems feel free to get in contact with myself. 

1.) Go to your main rFactor2 installation /steamapps/common/rFactor2 and head to your bin 32 folder. Within that folder open a program called ‘Mod Manager’

2.) Once mod manager has been opened you will then need to change the path directories in the bottom right corner. You will need to change the core path to your main root rFactor2 installation. To do this click the ‘B’ button next to the dropdown box on the working directory. This will open file explorer and then navigate to your rFactor2 root folder (steam/steamapps/common/rFactor2). For the the packages directory you will need to click the ‘B’ button next to the packages dropdown box. This will again open file explorer. Navigate to your packages directory. For me this is steam/steamapps/common/rFactor2/Packages. Make sure your dropdown boxes are the same as mine in the screenshot below. This will also depend on where you have rFactor2 installed. So it may vary for some. 

3.) Next you will need to tick the ‘mods’ box in the top left corner. This is the rFmods aspect of rFactor2. These are files, which are downloaded from any server you join. For this stage I would also untick the components checkbox. It’s at the top left as well. Shown in the screenshot below. 

4.) Next you need to uninstall all of your rFmod files. Without doing this it will prevent you from uninstalling any content you have installed in rFactor2. To do this you can highlight a rFmod and click uninstall. See screenshot below. 

5.) If you now look in the ‘installed’ column it should say ‘no’ next to the rFmod you just uninstalled. If it didn’t uninstall click the refresh button in the top right corner and try to uninstall the rFmod again. In order to make this process quicker you can simply hit ‘ctrl’ and click on each rFmod you want to uninstall. This allows you to highlight multiple rFmods. See screenshot below.

5.+)*PLEASE NOTE* Make sure you only highlight rFmods that have ‘yes’ in the installed column. If you highlight rFmods with ‘no’ in the installed column then the ”uninstall’ button will grey out. In order to fix this just simply unhighlight any rFmods you may have selected that have ‘no’ in the installed column. You will also need to unselect one rFmod that has the ‘yes’ tag in the installed column. Then reselect the ‘yes’ rFmod you just deselected. Please do make sure you hold ‘ctrl’ while reselecting and deselecting. The ‘uninstall’ button should now come back and it should automatically uninstall all the rFmods you have selected. If not hit the refresh button in the top right corner and re highlight the rFmods and try again. 

6.) Once all your rFmods have been uninstalled (all have the ‘no’ tag in the installed column) you can then highlight one rFmod at the top. Next press ‘shift’ and click to the bottom of all your rFmods. This should highlight all the rFmods you have installed. Then you can click the ‘delete’ button and this should remove all rFmods. If not click the refresh button and try again. This will put all your rFmods in your recycle bin. So if you do accidentally delete one it can be restored and reinstalled. 

7.) Once all the rFmods have been uninstalled and deleted you can then untick the ‘mods’ box at the top left and make sure the ‘components’ box is ticked.

8.) Then you should see the tag ‘m1’ in the updates column next to the BMW, Oreca, Porsche and Corvette. You then need to click on each one of them cars and click ‘uninstall’. When you click ‘uninstall’ the car will then disappear from your mod manager list. Not to worry though. Just simply close mod manager.

9.) Next you need to go to /steam/common/rFactor2/Packages and then delete the following package files. ‘BMW_M8_GTE_2018_v1.27_M1_Endurance’, ‘Oreca_07_LMP2_2017_v1.41_M1_Endurance’, ‘Corvette_C7R_GTE_2017_v1.49_M1_Endurance’ and ‘Porsche_991RSR_GTE_2017_v1.49_M1_Endurance’. This will put these package files into the recycle bin. 

10.) Reopen the rFactor2 launcher (rfactor2 in steam) and it should automatically reinstall the BMW, Corvette, Oreca and Porsche back to the default Studio 397 endurance pack. Do not click anything and just let the launcher reinstall the content.

11.) You can now connect to the M1 Endurance server and should have no issues connecting. You should see the BMW, Corvette, Porsche, Oreca and Norma in the server car list.  

Thanks for following this guide. I hope it helps. If anybody has any issues please do get in contact with me. I will be more then happy to help.